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Sustainable Economic Climate-Focused Agriculture Solutions

Using technology and innovative climate smart farming models to improve the livelihood of smallholder farmers.

SEC-FAS is a social venture that focuses on empowering farmers and increasing their capacity by granting them in-kind input loans and training to cultivate crops using smart agricultural techniques, climate safe bio-inputs and pesticides and organic fertilizers that reduce greenhouse emissions. In exchange for every N10,000 worth of input received, each farmer will plant a tree in their locality. This is done to promote reforestation. The crops grown by the farmers are sold to poultry feed processors in exchange of poultry feed to produce healthy and quality poultry meat. The manure from the poultry farms is processed and given to the crop farmers to use on their farms thereby reducing the use of inorganic fertilizer.

plethora farmer greenhouse


Target Achieved 8%
Number of Farmers To Be Impacted
Livelihood & Income Increased (%)
Yield Increase to be Achieved (%)
Number of Trees To Be Planted

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