Our Farm

We have a goal to provide fresh food from our farm to your table. We achieve this using modern technology at our disposal.

We Have One Goal

To Provide The Highest Quality
Farm Produce

We specialize in the art of Poultry farming of broiler chicken meat and eggs from layer birds, tomatoes and vegetable farming using greenhouse techniques. With the modern technologies at our disposal, the production capacity of Plethora Farms is its strategic advantage. With an extensive distribution chain, the farm supplies a vast network of local and super markets. Plethora farms continue to make a magnificent contribution to agricultural development and security across the country in line with one of the fundamentals of the sustainable development goals.


Our Poultry Model

As one of the leading poultry producer and processor in Northern Nigeria, we utilize both our commercial farms and farmer clusters in other to increase our production capacity.  Through this contract farming contracts, we are able to help empower farmers thereby increase our production capacity and supply network

Our poultry farms are kept under the best hygienic conditions. Our service technicians, veterinarians, and animal welfare specialists routinely visit farmers to ensure animals are cared for properly.

Our poultry farming includes the rearing and sales of broiler chicken for meat and layer birds for egg production.

Greenhouse Farming

We use modern farming solutions that increase our farms and  farmers’ efficiency & production. Growing in the greenhouse helps us achieve high quality produces and all year round production.

We have experts in the crop protection and production field both in greenhouse and open field farming in Horticulture production. High performance is guaranteed due to the resources deployed for maximum results. When growing using greenhouses, it is easy to monitor how resources are used and managed properly. Our farms use the best of seeds and the  necessary fertilizers at each stage of development with efficient usage of water using drip irrigations.

Grown With Love on Our Farms

We understand people want to know where their food comes from, which is why we adopt traceability in our growing methods from from production, to processing, storage and delivery. We take it as our  responsibility to manage the land, animals, and resources entrusted to us and ensure we deliver the highest quality food from the farm to your table.

Samuel Fayomi

Farmer in Charge

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