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We offer you quality, healthy and fresh farm produce from our greenhouse and poultry farms. Using sustainable agricultural methods, we are able to provide our customers in SSA with the best greenhouse vegetables, poultry meat and eggs wherever they need them.

Our Produce

Our farm produce ranges from quality greenhouse vegetables of tomato, sweet pepper, cucumbers, leafy vegetables to healthy chicken meat and eggs produced under standard production methods.

plethora greenhouse tomatoes

greenhouse Vegetable

Fresh Chicken meat



Providing Hiqh Quality farm produce for you

We specialize in the art of Poultry farming of broiler chicken meat and eggs from layer birds, tomatoes and vegetable farming using greenhouse techniques.

Our poultry farms are kept under the best hygienic conditions. Our service technicians, veterinarians, and animal welfare specialists routinely visit farmers to ensure animals are cared for properly.

When growing using greenhouses, it is easy to monitor how resources are used and managed properly. Our farms use the best of seeds and the  necessary fertilizers at each stage of development with efficient usage of water using drip irrigations.


Our produce are obtained using good agronomic practices that promotes resilience agriculture.


Our produced are produced using bio-friendly inputs.


Our processing and cold-storage systems enable us deliver fresh.

Our Farm

The Home of
Resilient Sustainable Farming

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